OnlyFans Ganar dinero o ¿ver lo que quieras ver?

A free social network for adults only

is a free social network aimed exclusively at adults. This is mainly because, unlike Twitch or YouTube, it does not impose any kind of censorship on the content posted, but that does not mean that the platform is full of sexual or violent content. It features celebrity chefs, musicians and athletes, among others. It is supported by a subscription model.

How does OnlyFans work?

It is true that the download and use of the application and the registration of users is free. However, the platform works on a paid model. Specifically, fans have to subscribe to their favorite creators’ channels by paying a one-time payment or by paying a monthly fee.

This is a very attractive benefit for creators. The reason is. They get money directly from their fans. This is unlike other platforms where they earn revenue through advertising and pay them a percentage of the commission as profit generated by their content.

How much does OnlyFans pay?

Within certain limits, OnlyFans allows creators to set their own rates. For example, they can activate a free monthly subscription, or charge up to €4.99. They can also choose to set a fixed amount for unlimited access to the channel.

A social network with a difference
OnlyFans has certainly revolutionized the concept of social networks for creators and users with its innovative subscription system and lack of censorship elements. Unsurprisingly, it already has 2 million influencers and 130 million registered users worldwide.

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