WhatsApp Plus V. 10.0.0

WhatsApp Plus is one of the WhatsApp mods with more demand in the WhatsApp mods market and the truth is that this great application is accompanied by a variety of functions and features for which many people prefer it instead of the official WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Plus features.

100% customizable.
Excellent theme section.
Allows you to hide almost everything, your last time, typing, etc.
Allows you to send large files. More than 100MB
You can hide any conversation or group.
You can set a password to a specific conversation.
You can change the appearance of the conversation screen.
Allows you to choose who can call you.
Allows you to change the app icon and notification icon.
You can activate the anti-delete messages and statuses option.
Why do people use WhatsApp Plus?

Now we are going to know what are some of the functions that make this WhatsApp plus application more attractive and why many people prefer WhatsApp plus instead of WhatsApp Messenger.

Many people use WhatsApp plus for this feature, they are users who like more privacy when using this messaging application, we know that the privacy section offered by WhatsApp official is very basic and simple so to speak, there we can only disable the last time, but however when we are online, our contacts can know that we are connected, then that is where comes into play this function of WhatsApp plus to freeze our last connection, which also hides if we are online. Extreme customization.

Customization is another feature for which people prefer to use WhatsApp plus, as we all know that WhatsApp official has always been a very important application to communicate, but its appearance is not so attractive as it has a fairly simple appearance and without any option to modify the appearance, only until now they have added a dark mode. Instead WhatsApp plus stands out a lot in this section, as it comes with an infinite number of themes and several options to put our WhatsApp as we want, we can change everything absolutely everything to WhatsApp plus, from the fonts to the appearance on the main screen. Extreme privacy.


Another of the things for which WhatsApp plus is persecuted, is that it has a privacy section that is extreme, in WhatsApp plus we can hide the blue ticks that are the chulitos that appear when we send messages and read them. WhatsApp plus allows you to hide those blue ticks even when you have read the message and your contacts think you have not read them yet, you can also hide other things like, hide blue microphone, hide the writing, hide the audio recording, hide the status view and apart from that brings an option that makes the messages that we delete to us we are left.

In short WhatsApp plus is a great application, which allows us to do many things that WhatsApp Messenger allows us to do.

If there may be risks when using this application, as I said at the beginning, this is not an official application and therefore we can be banned at some point when Facebook discovers that we are using a WhatsApp mod.

New Features of Whatsapp+ V.10.0.0 update

1-Error Correction.

2-Decrease of Size.

3-Stickers have arrived.

4-Higher speed when sending MultiMedia file.

5-More flexibility.

6-New Emoji.

7- Group video call.

8- Anti-Banning Solution

9-New interface and style of the Mod, easier to use.

10- Fingerprint Lock.

11- Innovation in the settings

12- New Functions.

13- Solutions to the error that the application closes by itself on some devices.

14- New Night Mode Added

15- Bug Fixes in Themes

16- Customization of themes

17- Anti Delete Statuses

18- Delete messages for everyone within 24 to 48 hours

19- Anti delete messages

20- Adaptation for Android 10

How to download and install the application correctly without losing chats

1- Download the application but do not install it.
2- Go to the WhatsApp you are using.
3- In WhatsApp go to settings.
4- Select Chats
5- In Chats select Backup.
6- Now Uninstall the WhatsApp you are using and install the new downloaded version.
7- Watch this 30 second video so you don’t lose your chats.